A Hope to the farmers : TAFEs free Tractor rental scheme

COVID-19 has affected everyone especially the farming community , where farmers were unable to sell their products over the country, while in Rajasthan ,Punjab and parts of Maharashtra , all crops were severely  affected by Locust attack , the farmers were badly affected. In this amid situation Tractor and Farm Equipment (TAFE) has come up with an excellent scheme where for 90 days to the small and marginal farmer it will provide free tractor and implements service.

What is this scheme?

TAFE under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity, took initiative and brought its Massey Ferguson and Eicher tractors and has offered around 4,400 tractors and 10,500(in Tamil Nadu) implements on a free of cost rental basis for 90 days to small and marginal farmers.

In which states this scheme is operating:

Initially this scheme was implemented in Tamil Nadu and by seeing its success later expanded to Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. This scheme was initiated from 30th April, 2020. 

How its work?

JFarm services are the digital platform launched by the TAFE for helping the farmers through easy access to farm mechanization solutions through rental services of tractors and implements, latest mandi prices, agri new alerts and advisory. This service is available in 13 states across India.

Farmer can book a Tractor on Rent through following ways:

1. Can dial to toll free number 1800-4200-100 or Use Uzhavan apps J Farm Services.

2. Can contact Field officer or Local Dealers.

3. Can contact local Agriculture department.

In assistance through state departments of Agriculture this scheme is running successfully. The main aim was to help the farmers in this worst conditions. Farmers can save up to Rs. 4000-5000 through this scheme.

                       As TAFE launches this scheme for poor small and marginal farmers, local authority should identify the real beneficiary and all poor farmers should be benefited out of this. The educated persons in family, neighborhoods should help the illiterate farmers to get this benefit.  


(Image source: www.google.com.Content source: www.tafe.com) 

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