Agriota e-marketplace by UAE : Connecting Indian Farmers to UAE Food Industries

 As we know in India agriculture is diversified in nature and Indian agriculture raw materials food items have greater demand round the world. The UAE food industry is a greater market to Indian agriculture and farmers. Agriota is an e market platform connecting Indian farmers to UAE food industries.

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*About Agriota e -market platform

*Need of Agriota e-market platform

*Features and benefits of the Agriota.

Agriota e-marketplace:

As we know that Indian agricultural commodities, food items were having greater demand in UAE food industries. The UAE government and Dubai’s free-zone Dubai Multi commodities Center (DMCC) have launched the new platform on August 26, 2020 which will help the millions of Indian farmers to get connect directly with UAE food industries, traders and wholesalers through the Agriota-E-marketplace platform. The CEO of DMCC said that this platform takes this symbiotic relationship even further, benefiting the millions of farmers throughout India whilst simultaneously providing greater food security for the UAE. This innovative platform launch will inch the UAE closer to the top of the global food security index.

Need of Agriota e –market platform:

India exported more than USD 38 billion of agricultural and processed food products in 2019 .Export of Indian agriculture commodities, food products and other commodities export have been increased over the year but majority of the farmers were not aware of the export facilities, benefits, food security and other things or  they were not interested because of middlemen intervention they were not getting the proper profits out of the exports of commodities. There arises a need of covering and connecting more number of Indian farmers directly to the food industries .There will be mutual benefits between the farmers as they will get the better prices for the products and the industries can procure the required good quality materials directly from the farmers removing the middleman’s interventions. The new platform is an initiative to bridge the gap between the Industries and the Indian farmers.

Features/Benefits of Agriota platform:

1. It’s an UAE government platform launched for the Indian farmers it’s secure and safe.

2. Initially this platform will offer services for cereals, pulses, oil-seeds, fruits, vegetables, spices and condiments.

3. This marketplace will allows the farmers to bypass intermediaries, helps them in optimizing the supply chain and ensuring traceability to create value for all the stakeholders involved in marketing activities.

4. This platform will also provide end-to-end transparency and traceability by last-mile verification and extension infrastructure in a block chain environments situation to the farmers.

5. Under this platform you will get proprietary banking system with a multi-tier escrow structure which will guarantee secure transaction of funds.

6. Marketing aggregation through this platform has the potential to empower local communities, deliver better quality farm to shelf products and expands the UAE’s long-term food security.

This platform is a part of the UAE’s comprehensive plan to ensure its food security and champion agribusiness trade facilitation with ultimate goal of positioning itself as a word-leading hub in innovation - driven food security. Overall it’s a technology driven agri- commodity trading and sourcing e-market platform which will helps to bridge the gap between millions of rural farmers in India and the Gulf nation’s food industry.

Still the platform is in initial stages and more information need to be published.

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