Vodafone-Idea and Nokia to Provide Smart Agri Solutions in India

India Mobile Congress is the largest digital technology forum was held virtually from 8-10 th Dec. During which under the CSR initiative the Vodafone-Idea along with Nokia’s Worldwide IOT Network Grid (WING) were working on the smart agriculture solution project in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra region by enhancing their productivity and income. So in this blog we gone a study about this project. 

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* What is CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)?

* What is Smart Agriculture (Farming)? Need of Smart agriculture 

* About the Project : Benefits ,Working  

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Concept:

The companies or the organization will work in the society in turn they work for the welfare of the society. The Corporate Social Responsibility is a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders. Through CSR companies give back to the community, they take part in philanthropic causes, and provide positive social value. They try to build a positive brand around their company. Companies should spend at least 2 percent of their average net profits made in the preceding three years on the CSR.

Smart Agriculture (Farming):

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With growing technology application and the need of modern agriculture the concept of precision farming/ smart agriculture is taking much importance. Smart agriculture is an emerging concept that refers to managing farms using modern information and communication technologies to help to increase the quantity and quality of the products while optimizing the human labour required. The Internet of things   used in the smart agriculture were the way to better measure and control growth factors, like irrigation and fertilizers etc.

Need of Smart Agriculture:

As we knew that there is a rapid growth in world population along with that food consumption worldwide also growing rapidly. The rapid expansion in food production to cater to the growing demand is not an easy task. Smart agriculture is the integration of the of advanced technologies into the existing practices in order to boost production quality and efficiency for farming products .It’s a system that optimizes and examines how high-tech farming  can aid the production output as well as focuses on the preservation of resources. Smart agriculture can address the issues of population growth, climate change and labour that has gained a lot of technological attention starting from planting and watering of crops to health and harvesting of the crops.

Among the technologies available for present day farmers were:

1. Sensors: For soil, water, light, humidity, temperature management.

2. Software’s: There were specialized software solutions that target specific farm types or use of IOT platforms

3. Connectivity: Through cellular, LoRa etc.

4. Locations:  GPS, Satellite etc.

5. Robotics: Processing Facilities, Autonomous tractors etc.  

6. Data analytics: Standalone analytics solutions, data pipelines for downstream solutions etc.

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Smart Agriculture Solutions Project:

This pilot project has been implemented across the 100 locations in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, aims to benefit over 50,000 farmers in the regions by enhancing the farmers productivity and income. This project aims to enhancement of livelihoods of small farmers through sustainable farming approaches, deployment of IOT solutions and by improving their access to information using technology

Working of the project and Benefits to the Farmers:

*Under this project companies going to develop smart agriculture app.

* Over 400 sensors were deployed in around 100000 hectares of land in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh farm lands to collect various data points which were analyzed by localized, cloud based smart agriculture app developed in the project.

* The smart agriculture app will support the local language support along with weather forecasting and irrigation management information to the farmers.

* This project is a unique effort of brining an entire ecosystem of stakeholders such as Nokia for its innovative technology, Solidaridad for project management, and also green experts and researchers from various universities – all under one roof, to positively impact the lives of farmers in India.

* Climate change, land scarcity, among others remain always the hurdle in the way of enhancing farmer’s productivity. For these factors more importance was given under this project.

* The technologies will play key role in enhancing the farm yield and easing these challenges of the agriculture sectors by delivering relevant information’s and advices to farmers  like weather forecast, soil quality and plant growing cycles .

The cooperation among the Nokia WING and Vi-CSR Is an innovative example of rebalancing the needs of the society and the environment by introducing sustainable farming practices in India.

(Content sources: ET.Telecom.com, iotforall.com)

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