Extensionists : Who they are ? What they do?

Extensionists : Who they are? What they do?

Extensionist are the persons who help in transferring the technologies from lab to land that is from sources to receiver. Extensionist is a person who solve the problems of farmers and help them to increase their productivity.

We can find different type of Extensionist:

1. We have Extension personnel the professional persons working in extension the scientists, professors who all are working in development of principles, teaching and training to people, who also involved in many projects and programmes.

2.We also have the subject matter specialists (SMS) working in Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s (KVK) and Agriculture Technology Information Center (ATIC) providing information to the farmers.

3.We also have the research scholars ( students) who are doing research work on different aspects of extension.

4. We also have the extension agent, village level extension worker who work on the ground level.

Scientists interaction with farmers

·      Why we need Extensionists?

1) For Transfer of technology:

Not only in agriculture but in other industry too if any new technology was developed and if you want to transfer it to the user you can’t do it directly. For example a new plant variety or animal breed was developed by the institute the adoption it will be a challenging thing so there comes the role of extensionist.

                        Technology at institute – Extensionist – End users (farmers)

2) For progrmme planning:

Planning of any agriculture and allied sector programme Extensionist is must he will prepare the plan for how implement it, how to interact with farmers, how to get feedback from overall how to make programme/project successful. Based on his recommendation other specialists will prepare their strategies.  

3) For consultancy/ Advisory service:

Extensionist will help the farmers by solving their problems .through extensionist the problems will reach the specialist and again solutions were transfer to the farmers. 

What Extensionist do?

1. The scientists and other top level workers involved in progrmme/ project planning development, they also undertook the research, teaching, and training in extension field and they also involve in advisory and consultation services along with other experts.

2.The research scholars (Students) will do research on different aspects like on impact of any programme, Validate and evaluate different tools and techniques developed under extension.

3.   Extension workers will arrange different demonstration, filed visits and other progrmmes for farmers.

4. Village level extension worker also convince the farmer in adopting newer technologies by telling them the advantages and uses of technology.

5.  For getting feedback of any programme/project the extensionist play an important role.

Research students interacting with farmers

The Extensionists play an important role in agriculture, still the extension system in India need to be strengthened for effective transfer of technologies. Extension should be given more importance and prioritization and the work of extensionists need to be recognized. 

( image credits :Preeti, Anuradha, Sucharita, Chumai ) 

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