Data Privacy – Mobiles - Apps – Social media – Dark Web: Modern day threats

Guys now day almost everyone is using smart phones, in India around 150 million user were there. Mobiles became part of our lives they know you better than you .Lot of things were going beyond your data privacy which was using for different purposes .so in this blog I will explain about data privacy &data breach , data privacy collection and usage of data for different purposes.

Key Highlights:

* Data privacy and Data Breach

* How Data is collected from you

* Usage of your data for different purpose

*How to secure your data privacy

Everyone want a good phone at lower price but think of it why the companies selling their phones at that cheap rate. As they get profit from others way like data sharing, data breaching. Mobiles contain 2 types of app System app and Bloatware’s through these bloatware’s they earn the money. These   apps will collect your data and use them for various purposes.

Data Privacy and Data Breaching:

Data of person is very important it contain all your details and privacy of that is very much important .many countries have strict laws on data privacy but in India not that strong  policy is there. By taking advantage of this many mobile companies and apps, social media apps involved in data collecting. Data breaching is nothing but data of a person is stolen by some unauthorized person and miss using it for different purpose like for data web in illegal activities.

How the data is collected?

* If you purchase a new phone and try to open an app the app will ask permission regrading all your data like call,msg , photos etc. some app will ask irrelevant permission like calculator app will ask permission for contact ,msg etc. so these apps will somehow upload the data in other countries.

* The bloatware apps also involved in data collection process.

* The fake ads or offers on different website in getting offers and deals you will click on it and fill the details.

* The different gaming apps, beauty apps etc. which were not in google play store if you download them that will not be safe.

*The social media apps also collect all your data unnecessarily and many a times breaching of data from these sites will take place.

* Even some websites also uses your search data and store it.

Usage of your Data?

* The data is used for different purposes like if you have heard about Dark web (other side of website where all illegal activities take place and you cannot trace the information) so data will be sold here at very cheap rate and your data will be used here for illegal activities.

* You herd about Cambridge Analytica Company in 2018 which used the data from Facebook to manipulate the persons mind in president’s election in America by targeting the persons and sending the appropriate msg / videos to convince them. Like this many incidents were happened.

*you might have heard about duplicate documents or papers were prepared by some persons or organization in some others name they also use the data base.

* Some countries use the data for spying on enemy countries to keep eye on their activities.

* Some fake offers or ads or msg or emails or cyber-attack for withdrawing money from your account will also use the data for targeting the people.

* Even your own data can be used by the cyber criminals against you for blackmailing.

How to secure your data privacy?

* Check the apps permission on your phones regularly if unnecessary permission is taken report or uninstall the apps.

* Don’t use bloatware apps uninstall them

* Don’t download any files or apps other than the play stores

* Don’t fill your information in any ads or offers

* After searching in website clear your data or use incognito mode

* Finally change your passwords regularly in social media apps.

The government should also form the laws and rules on data privacy so the apps and the mobile companies stop doing the data breaching or sharing data with third party .Always check your apps and their permission and keep your data secure.

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