IFFCO BAZAR Integrates with SBI YONO Krishi App:

Hello everyone, we know that now a days e-commerce sites and the apps were becoming popular and helpful. Likewise the IFFCO BAZAR and the SBIs YONO Krishi App came together to fulfill all agricultural needs of farmers. So in this blog we will discuss about the IFFCO BAZAR and SBI YONO Krishi app and their benefits.

Highlights :

* IFFCO Bazar: Features and Benefits

* SBI YONO Krishi App: Features and Benefits

* Integration of IFFCO BAZAR and SBI YONO Krishi App 


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IFFCO (Indian Framers Fertilizers Cooperative Limited) is the world’s largest fertilizer federation based in India with more than 40, 000 member cooperatives.  The Cooperative has started the outlets and e- commerce platform for the farmer’s .IFFCO e - Bazar Ltd. (IeBL) is a 100% owned subsidiary of IFFCO Ltd. The IFFCO Bazar outlets were started in April, 2016. The main objective was to provide modern retail experience to the Indian farmers by providing all agricultural inputs and other services under one roof. The retail stores were of two types: the company owned company operated stores and the franchise owned franchisee operated stores. There will be Business Associates to look at business operations in stores. 

Features and Benefits:

The following products and services were available in both the IFFCO Bazar outlets and e- commerce platform.

*Combo Packs: In the farmers will get the promotional kit consisting the seed treatment chemicals to the fertilizers for the crops at good discounted prices.

* Seeds: farmers can get best quality seeds for various crops along with seeds for kitchen / vegetable gardening purposes.

* Fertilizers:  Staring from the straight fertilizers   farmers can get the water soluble fertilizers and th4e specialty fertilizers (Boron, Zinc Sulphate etc.)

* Pesticides: All the popular pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and insecticides were available.

* Organic Products: The available organic products along with the bio-fertilizers, growth promoters and the bio protection were available.

* Through IFFCO Bazar we can get the good food and nutrition related products.

* Even Agri Machineries like garden sprayer were also available.

Apart from the above features the soil testing and health check - ups were available at the outlets. Since its inception in 26 states the company has expanded its operations. The IFFCO Bazar has its helpline 1800-103-1967 for all enquires and customer services.

SBI YONO Krishi App:

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State Bank of India continues to help the farmers by providing them online app based agricultural solutions with YONO Krishi. It caters to all the requirements of farmers starting from sowing – harvesting and selling of the farm produce. The app facilitate farmers with Agri loan products, online platform to buy and rent agricultural inputs and equipment’s providing them customized  farming advisories, investment ,instant Agri gold loan, crop insurance products etc. During pandemic SBI YONO app also offering the Kisan Credit Card (KCC) review option .Now farmers with just 4 clicks can apply for a revision in their KCC limits.

     Apart from these YONO Krishi platform is offering services like YONO Mitra, YONO Mandi, YONO Khata and YONO –Bachat to the farmers. Even YONO Krishi has integration with ICAR – Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR) this integration is helpful to the farmers in purchasing high yielding and disease resistant varieties.    

 Integration of IFFCO BAZAR and SBI YONO Krishi App:

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  In November, 2020 the best agricultural online platform or e-commerce sites joined the hands to make the services easy for the farming community. With Integration of IFFCO bazar with SBI YONO Krishi.  Now farmers can get free home delivery of quality products of IFFCO across the country. Now farmers can place an order online for seeds, fertilizers, Agri machinery, pesticides, organic products and various other farm products. It will help farmers in getting a quality product at a low cost in a hassle-free manner. As SBI YONO Krishi app has having large customer base IFFCO will get over three crore registered YONO customers to sell their products.

   These digital approaches will help the farmers in easy access of the IFFCO bazar services online through SBI YONO Krishi app. 

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